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Upon Arrival

The goal of Tri-Massage Plus is for each person to have a positive experience and for that experience to be beneficial for the individual’s immediate and long term well being.

Whether a one time visit or, ongoing therapeutic relationship; Linda Hatch-Lester, the licensed, professional on-site therapist and client, partner to determine the most effective treatment approach. An informed therapy plan is designed for each session, adapting to any change in health and/or condition.

Each person receives a warm welcome when arriving at Tri-Massage Plus and is personally guided to the main floor therapy studio. A brief intake and health history is completed at initial office visits. Linda also reviews specific therapeutic options, session expectations, explains the process for the specific treatment and responds to questions.

Whether the treatment involves ‘hands on’ or voice, the Tri-Massage Plus Therapist brings a compassionate and practiced touch to each session.

Tri-Massage Plus services also provide essential oils, aromatherapy, sound therapy, stone therapy, guided meditation, breath work therapy, and healing touch therapy with each session as may be needed or, to enhance the individual benefit.

Tri-Massage Plus is predominantly an “in office’ professional practice. However, are aware that some circumstances and conditions impose autonomy limitations for a client. In this case, arrangements for health facility or residential therapy visits are possible.