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Everyone can benefit from Therapeutic Massage, whatever age or physical condition.

Some of the benefits?


    • • Promotes deeper and easier breathing


    • • Improves circulation/Nourishes skin


    • • Eases chronic pain; Helps Repair weakened, stressed, or congested muscle tissue


    • • Strengthens the immune system


    • • Improves recovery rate, due to illness, injury, or surgery


    • • Reduces blood pressure/Relieves eye strain & tension headaches


       • Reduces scar tissue formation


    • • Restores a feeling of well-being


    • • Relieves mental stress / Reduces anxiety / Helps to relieve depression


    • Satisfies need for caring; safe touch


    • • Promotes productivity


    • • Increases capacity for clearer thinking & creativity


    • Enhances calmer thought process/ Reduces stress / Improves energy level

What To Expect…

A determination is made at the outset of each session, identifying the client issues that are present or ongoing, and type of Massage Therapy approach that would best respond to the individual need. Client input is invaluable in this process.

Some types of massage applications provide for the client to remain fully clothed. During typical “full body” massage therapy, a sheet is used for ‘draping’ during the course of the session. For “regional massage” sessions, the client remains clothed, except for the specific area being treated.

Therapeutic Massage Sessions…

During the course of the session, Linda may offer suggestions regarding an individual’s breathing patterns, in order to improve the outcome of releasing tension in particular areas, to increase relaxation, and/or to enhance over-all circulation. The goal is for each person to have a positive experience and for that experience to be beneficial for each individual’s well being.

A “Standard Full Massage Session” is 60 minutes long. It is, generally, a full body session. At times, it may involve primarily focusing on one or two specific areas, requiring extended therapeutic attention. Some clients prefer to schedule a 90 minute massage session, which provides for a full general relaxation treatment, as well as more intensive therapy, targeting specific problem areas.

The “half session” treatment is 30 minutes long. It is typically referred to as a “Regional Massage”, as it is intended to address one very specific issue (such as: foot massage or head, neck and shoulder relief.)

Confidentiality is assured.

To Enhance the Experience…

Tri-massage Plus offers a Private, Tranquil, Smoke-free Office environment. Soft lighting and Candles add to the peaceful and relaxed experience. Linda’s unique blend of Essential Oils compliments each session. A beautiful selection of Relaxation Music is provided, as well as Fresh Linens. The option of Unscented Lotion is available, as may be needed or preferred. Air Conditioning: individual climate control and Heated Massage Table: if preferred or, as needed.

Some of the Massage Applications…

Stress Reduction Massage:
designed to achieve optimal level of relaxation and energy balance; warming muscles, enhancing circulation, and nourishing the skin.

Medical Massage:
geared to address specific medical issues or muscle-related conditions.

focuses on hands and feet. This massage addresses specific areas for total body benefit.

Indian Head Massage:
traditional method of India’s masters; for relief of head and neck tensions, as well as releasing toxins, for more complete relaxation and improved well being.

Trigger Point Therapy, Cranial-Sacral, Scar Tissue Release, and Sport Massage applications:
required to address particular problematic issues or areas are incorporated, as needed.

Therapeutic Touch or Reiki:
“a light touch massage”: a less invasive therapeutic approach for more sensitive conditions.

For full Reiki, Athletic or Thai Massage, Stone Therapy, or Hypnotherapy: advance arrangements are made, when scheduling session.

Linda utilizes the following Massage Therapy Toolbox techniques:

    • Effleurage
    • Petrissage
    • Tapotement
    • Compressions
    • Acupressure
    • Friction method
    • ROM, PNF and Muscle Testing Stretching/Lengthening/Jostling/Rocking
    • Polarity Therapy/Healing Touch/Indian Head Massage
    • Guided Meditation/Breath work