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At Tri-Massage Plus, Therapeutic Massage and Holistic Health care services are offered with a special emphasis on working with individuals challenged with chronic illness, acute pain and experiencing diverse forms of recovery. Massage Therapy and Reiki are the main complimentary, holistic health practices offered through Tri-Massage Plus. (To learn more, click highlighted option.). Each therapy is facilitated with the intent of improving client conditions or pathologies utilizing a wide variety of procedures to focus the treatment based on a combination of stated, presenting and/or diagnosed conditions.

Linda is professionally trained and certified in a broad scope of Western, European, Asian and Oriental Massage Therapy modalities, as well as certified in advanced Hypnotherapy and a Master level Reiki practitioner and other therapeutic applications.

As with all healthcare professions, confidentiality is assured.

Tri-Massage Plus…
What does “Tri” stand for? and, “Plus?”

“Tri” …represents the 3 Main Therapeutic Disciplines and 3 primary levels of benefit (Massage/Hypnotherapy/REIKI for the whole Mind/Body/Spirit wellness connection)

“Plus” …corresponds to the unique blend of diverse Complimentary Medicine
applications and techniques that Tri-Massage offers