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Reiki is a ‘light touch’ therapy for stress reduction that also promotes healing
for people of all ages …

Studies have shown Reiki techniques are used to aid healing on a body, mind and the spiritual level. Reiki has helped assist people suffering from a wide range of major and minor ailments. Reiki treatments are often used as a complementary conventional therapy in a number of hospitals today.

Some of Reiki Therapy Health Benefits …

• Improves the immune system

• Reduces pain and can Improve pain medication management

• Increases energy levels

• Reduces depression, as well as stress and anxiety

• Improves blood pressure

• Releases toxins

• Improves chronic and acute medical conditions

• Promotes musculoskeletal healing process

• Increases energy levels and Enhances creativity

• Eases grieving process

There is strong evidence, based on Clinical studies, which supports Reiki therapy
also helps to ease symptoms associated with Alzheimer’s.

Reiki treatments can be safely used simultaneously with other therapies
without adverse effects; including…

While using medication, While undergoing chemotherapy, When fitted with a cast, While hospitalized,
When using medical equipment or life support devices, During pregnancy …

What to Expect …

An evaluation is completed at the outset of each session, identifying any issues that the individual is experiencing, and wants to have addressed during the Reiki treatment. Client input is invaluable in this process.

During Reiki sessions, the individual remains fully clothed. Generally, treatments occur with the person reclining on the massage table in their most comfortable position. In some instances, when lying down is not possible or preferable, Reiki sessions can take place with the client, seated in a chair.

Reiki treatments are adaptable to almost any setting and/or external condition.

Therapeutic Reiki Sessions…
During the course of the session, Linda may offer suggestions regarding an individual’s breathing patterns, in order to improve the outcome of releasing tension in particular areas, to increase relaxation, and/or to enhance over-all circulation. Guided meditation, hands on therapy, aromatherapy, polarity therapy, etc may be included in or, added to the session; as needed, preferred, or as condition warrants.

At the conclusion of each session, Linda will assess any changes in condition or symptoms with the individual, noting improvements and allowing additional treatment, if needed. Follow-up treatments will also be discussed, as a chronic or more serious condition may require.

The goal is for each person to have a positive experience and for that experience to be beneficial
for each individual’s immediate and long-term well being.

A “Standard Full Reiki Session” is 45-60 minutes long. It is, traditionally, a full body session.
Portions of the treatment may involve primarily focusing on one or two specific areas, requiring extended therapeutic attention.

Some Reiki therapeutic sessions can be completed in as little as 15 minutes.
Often, treatments for these session are very targeted, designed to address specific issues. At other times, the sensitivity of a person’s condition or personal make-up may necessitate a shorter session time for the therapy.

Because the length of time for each session cannot be absolutely measured,
a reasonable fee is discussed with clients on an individual and on a per session basis.

To Enhance the Experience …

Tri-massage Plus offers a Private, Tranquil, Smoke-free Office environment.
Soft lighting, Aroma Essences and Candles compliment each Reiki session. A beautiful selection of Relaxation Music is provided, as well as Fresh Linens. Air Conditioning: individual climate control and Heated Massage Table ~if preferred or, as needed.