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Hypnotherapy assists folks of all ages, with a wide range of medical conditions and behavioral goals.

What are the Health Benefits?

Some of the examples…

Allergies • asthma • skin rashes • migraine • irritable bowel syndrome • high blood pressure • phobias • chronic pain • acute pain • fibromyalgia • cancer (pain relief and from treatment side effects) • panic attacks • smoking • weight issues • memory loss • reduced confidence • as well as numerous other medical and, behavioral issues and conditions.

There are no known side effects or contra-indications for Hypnotherapy treatment.

What to Expect?

As your Hypnotherapy Practitioner, Linda will begin the first session by asking you about your expectations, issues and goals for the session. Time will be provided to discuss the induction process and to respond to any questions the individual may have.

Following the introduction portion of the session, the client reclines in a comfortable position and, using a soothing tone of voice to induce relaxation, the Hypnosis treatment begins. Once the person is thoroughly relaxed and their mind is diverted from the external environment, Linda will introduce the discussed suggestions to your unconscious mind, which are directly intended to support your therapy goals. Because Hypnotherapy works best when a person also learns a self-hypnosis technique and faithfully practices it, Linda will conclude the session by providing the client with techniques/tools for reinforcing the treatment between scheduled sessions.

The First Hypnosis Session will last approximately 60 to 90 minutes …

The client will want to wear comfortable clothing.

At this session, Linda assists the individual with concentrating and refining their ability to use their hypnotic capability. Subsequent sessions will probably last 60 minutes or less. The time it takes for a hypnotic induction and the therapy treatment, and the number of sessions needed; can vary with each individual. Some folks will find that five to 10 sessions, along with practice on their own, are most beneficial. Other individuals may find that they are able to achieve their individual goals with fewer sessions, utilizing the aid of a recorded session tape on their own. Ultimately, the number of sessions required is based on the particulars of each person and the complexity or circumstances, pertaining to their goal needs. Linda and the client and will review these options at the time of the appointment, in order to make the best and most reasonable determination about treatment course.

To Enhance the Experience …

Tri-Massage Plus offers a private, tranquil office space; free of external noise, distractions, or, interruptions. Aromatherapy and/or eye pillows may be used to compliment the treatment. A Parent and/or a Client Guest is welcome to attend sessions, if desired. Each session is taped and a copy of tape is provided to client at the conclusion of the session.