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Client Feedback

Please, take the time to post your comments about your personal therapeutic healing experience with Tri-Massage Plus. We would very much appreciate a few minutes of your valuable time.
~Thank You!

  1. Jackie Gascho permalink

    When I moved to Florida, one of the hardest things for me was leaving behind Linda as my friend and massage therapist. I have since tried my best to get her down here with no luck.
    I miss the Best, and Most relaxing massage I have ever had! I have tried several different ones since being here and no one compares.

  2. George Doyle permalink

    I have Multiple Sclerosis and had been having problems of weakness in my legs as well as muscle spasms and cramps in my legs and back. I decided to give massage therapy a try since I had read in MS literature that it was helpful to many suffering from MS. I was somewhat skeptical at first. My doubts were soon put to rest. Linda took time to listen and understand the problems I was having before the treatment began. Her massage treatments were (and continue to be) wonderful and I saw immediate results. In the short term my muscles became so much more relaxed and I began sleeping better at night. Over the past four years the long term results have made such a difference in the way that I feel and my quality of life. I have seen a significant decrease in muscle spasms, aches and cramps associated with my MS. I now have much more flexibility and use of my legs.

    Linda’s professional training is most evident in her techniques and understanding of the muscles. Beyond her professional knowledge is a compassionate person with a wonderful gift for massage therapy that is both gentle and effective. Linda has made such a difference in the quality of my life. Kudos to Tri-Massage-Plus!

  3. Jane Groendyk permalink

    I have had massage for over 25 years to deal with chronic muscle tension. I connected with Linda about 12 years ago and have never used another therapist except her, because no one has Linda’s “healing touch”. I go on a regular basis and it helps to keep my muscles less tense. Linda always has lots of great tips on what I can do myself to co-ordinate treatment. We now winter in Arizona and the only regret I have when I leave is I have to leave Linda behind.

  4. Ann Ellis permalink

    I’ve been seeing Linda for several years for tense muscles, especially in my neck and shoulders. I feel she is my friend as well as my therapist, and I treasure our sessions. She makes me feel nurtured, consoled, and “put back together” every time. Thank you, Linda, for all you do.

  5. Sean B. permalink

    I just recieved a ‘one massage style fits all” massage from Linda and it was Great! I thought the new special treatment was outstanding, from the foot soak and scrub then great work on the shoulders and neck. Overall, the hour long massage was a Huge stress relief and it had a very calming theraputic feel to it all! I was Amazed at how I felt later in the day as well, calm and relaxed! I will be back and telling people all about it! Thanks Again, Linda.

    Sean B.

  6. Edna C. permalink

    Initially, I was having trouble with my back and neck.
    Different people suggested that massage might help. I contacted a salon, but they could not do “house calls”. But they recommended Linda, as a good therapist choice.
    Linda came to my residence. The massage felt so good and I felt so much better that I started having her come to see me 2-3 times a month. And, If I needed her more often, she would always find a way of working me into her schedule (like, when I broke my hip about 5 years ago). Over time, massage helped me in many ways that I had not expected. Linda has also become a trusted friend and is a good listener.

    I have been getting massages from Linda for over 15 years. I am now 95 years old. I still go for walks, am able to think (have a good memory), crochet, lead prayer at weekly service, visit with friends and family (grandkids, who know how to use internet too).

    Linda’s massages really make my life a lot better and still do
    give me great relief when I need it.

  7. Mike and Samantha permalink

    Hi Linda!
    We love our sessions! Count the days until the next appointment –
    You are the best! Thanks, Linda

  8. Ching Liza permalink

    It’s important for me, a post polio syndrome patient that Linda has a good knowledge and understanding of human anatomy. I needed a performance of a true massage that not only feels terrific and relaxing but beyond and above all, that it would relieve my deep and chronic back pain. Linda’s various therapeutic massage skills, including Reiki, helped me live my days positively.
    She works very respectfully, friendly and professional!

  9. Joy and LeeAnn Netherland permalink

    We are So Very Blessed and Fortunate to have found Linda!! My daughter turns 11 this month, she’s been seeing Linda almost weekly for 6 months or more now (see LeeAnn’s own thoughts in post below). LeeAnn has Sensory Processing issues, that cause her to be overwhelmed, fearful and anxiety ridden all the time. We were looking for Deep Pressure Massage to help center, calm and regulate LeeAnn. Research also indicated Massage would increase her awareness of her own body in space. With Linda, and all the things she does, we found So Much More!!!
    Every week I can rest assured that Linda’s use of Reiki has helped take some of the pressure off LeeAnn and her daily struggles in life. Linda’s caring touch enabled LeeAnn to deal with and face two Major Surgeries that would otherwise have been extremely traumatic for our entire family.
    Since our first month with Linda, LeeAnn has been able to sleep through the night without waking. In fact, LeeAnn has been on several (4) homeopathic remedies since she was 4 years old including struggling with blood sugar issues for the past 3 years. Last month I was surprised (and somewhat baffled) when our Nutritionist said she no longer needs what I called her “baseline protocol” and, the blood sugar support. Now that I think about it – with everything Linda has been doing for LeeAnn it makes Perfect Sense!!
    Linda has made more progress in teaching LeeAnn Guided Imagery (to use in meditation and self calming) than 2 years of psycho-therapy with a licensed psychologist. In fact, I think all 3 of us enjoy the 5 (sometimes 10) minutes of “Girl-talk and Giggle Time” prior to each session while we’re catching up on things. We drive 3/4 of the way across town for our sessions and it’s worth every mile!!! I Thank God for All of Linda’s Talents and Compassion

    from LeeAnn (age 11):
    “Linda always has lots of fun things to talk about and she has a funny sense of humor. She taught me that all my ticklish spots are actually stress stored in that part of my body. My favorite part is when Linda uses the sides of her hands to “tap tap/chop chop” all over my body and my voice vibrates when she does that. She even taught what to do when my mom show’s up in my “happy place” (meditation). When Linda is doing Reiki I get a really warm feeling in that spot and I can feel it working. It’s even better when I get to miss school and make my teachers jealous when I tell them I’m going to get a massage!!”

  10. Melinda Cloud permalink

    A massage healing session with Linda is a remarkable journey of mind, body, and spirit. One enters into the healing realm — the peaceful, gentle, inviting massage room that also emits strength and safety, and through the gentle guidance and incredible skills of Linda the journey begins. Linda connects with the client, “listens” to the body, and welcomes as well the spiritual healing the client desires through touch and connection.

    I have been challenged with cancer, toxicity from chemo, chronic pain, and phenomenally stressful situations in the last couple of years. My entire being is full of “Wow!” and great gratitude when I leave my session with Linda. And then, fills with eager, plus peaceful anticipation -when I know it is time to go again.

    Thank you, Linda, for welcoming me in body, mind, and Spirit.

  11. Johnathon V. permalink

    I recently visited TriMassagePlus and experienced something new and wonderful. Linda gave me a full body massage (with clothes on), starting with an excellent foot soak. Because of a health condition, I have specific concerns about my feet – so the foot soak was definitely a good way to start. The whole experience was maximally peaceful and relaxing. Linda worked magic with her hands and fingers ! I highly recommend it to anyone! By the way, if you are a little short on time or nervous about getting undressed, the ‘one massage style fits all’ session is only an hour and you keep your clothes on. Very comfortable!

    Jonathon V.

  12. Sue T permalink

    I was referred by a good friend to Linda 3 years ago, after a difficult total knee replacement that left me in more pain than before from nerve & scar tissue damage. After months of pain clinics, injections & pain pills, which only held off some pain, I went to Linda. With her healing hands, both in massage and energy work, she helped greatly with the pain and swelling. Because of her I have increased flexibility and have been able to dramatically reduce the use of pain pills. In addition to creating a relaxing ambience for the massage, she also has extensive knowledge in many therapeutic & holistic fields and is generous in sharing them with her clients. She is the best massage specialist I have ever had and, you would be a lucky person to have her. I count my blessing after every session.

  13. Jude permalink

    I think the best massage therapist ought to be able to ‘find’ my pain through touch and intuition. Linda Hatch Lester has that ability and more! She has background in diverse modalities which I also found to be very helpful in reducing my pain. I recommend her as a first choice! -Jude

  14. Natalia permalink

    I have been getting massages fom Linda for a couple of month and I really enjoy it! Linda has great hands and mostly important she is a very caring and giving person! Her massage sessions are very personal and memorable. She can do any kind of massage :from relaxation to deep tissue. Massages are so great! We live in a very stressed society and this could be a good way to relax.

  15. Adelle H. permalink

    I had the wonderful opportunity to experience the new type of therapy treatment offered by Linda and I have to say, what a bargain I got for extensive treatment I received. I highly recommend the “one massage style fits all” hour long therapy session for those who are short on time, but would like the benefits of a lengthy massage. The brief foot-soak and scrub was a wonderful kick-off to this experience. It really got me ready for the remainder of the session. I often do not allow myself the time I need to relax and get refreshed, I am happy to say this session gave me both relaxation, and I am now refreshed for the week ahead — Thanks and cudos to Linda for this and I will definitely be back soon! Adelle H. 🙂

  16. Anissa permalink

    I had learned to deal with the aches and pains from a car accident about 8 years ago in addition to the wear on my body from college athletics. After trying multiple salons with no luck I was thrilled to find Linda. For the first time I am able to go weeks with no shoulder or back pain and have realized I don’t have to deal with it, but that it can be relieved. Now I continue to use massage through my pregnancy to relieve some of the pain associated with that.
    From someone who had tried almost a dozen massage therapist with no luck I can confidently say Linda is the BEST!

  17. Marc permalink

    I’ve been seeing Linda for over a year now. As a busy professional and someone getting back into my workouts Linda’s experience and intuitive style have helped tremendously. Prior to each session she asks about trouble spots and I appreciate this…I don’t ever feel like I’m getting an “ordinary” massage but rather working with a professional who wants to understand where I’m at and what I need that particular day or week. I see Linda weekly but I wish I could see her daily! 🙂

  18. Diane Tracy Wyatt permalink

    A profound difference between a massage therapist and a healer, and what a gift to have found both in Linda.

  19. Larry Gouine permalink

    Linda is the best!

    I work as a graphic designer/illustrator and photographer. This requires that I stand, sit and hold positions for long periods of time. It results in stiff, sore muscles. Sometimes, I am in great discomfort after completing a big job. Linda has a way of finding the sore spots and then, moving them out. She uses the exact amount of massage pressure that I need to get the muscles in my back, neck, shoulders and hip to relax.

    I have also had Linda’s Reiki treatments and think they are very beneficial.

  20. I started going to Linda after I fractured my back. I have been to massage therapists all over the country, on cruise ships, at health spas and hotels. Linda is the very best! She has a gift that is rare even in her field. Be ready for the most relaxing, therapeutic experience of your life!

  21. Sara Stehler permalink

    The demands of my everyday had really allowed me to slide into an unhealthy eating pattern with very little exercise. It seemed like I had been fit and feeling good one day and then, a year passed and i was carrying more weight than ever before. I was also experiencing the start of troubling physical symptoms. I knew I needed to make a change for the positive. And, had heard from a friend that hypnotherapy had helped her lose weight and feel better. I decided to try it too and met with Linda.

    Linda explained the process of hypnotherapy and helped me to become comfortable. We reviewed my goals and some of the healthier changes I wanted to include in my life style. During the hypnosis treatment, I felt incredibly relaxed and soothed. It felt like I was asleep, but I could hear everything Linda said. Afterward, I felt calm and optimistic. I followed the suggestions, including listening to the taped session at home. Without a lot of effort, my daily choices began to change for the better: cravings for junk food, gone. Now, I really enjoy fresh foods, instead. And, also feel more motivated to go for daily walks. Am on my way to improving my health and, making good progress toward my weight goal. (am also surprised that I seem to be sleeping better and be in a better mood!)

    I highly recommend Linda’s hypnotherapy treatments! It works! and, I am so thankful!

  22. I had extreme unrelenting sciatica nerve pain-and fibromyalgia-osteoarthritis chronic pain. Had one Reiki Treatment from Linda-AND all of pain was gone!!! I was in tears with relief-as the medications I was taking only gave one hour of relief from pain. Linda’s therapy gave days of relief-sometimes up to a week of much less pain. The sciatoca nerve pain has never again been as sharp. Since I have had chronic pain in many areas-the most relief I get is with Reiki treatments and light massages from Linda.I do -not even get half as much pain relief from medications. I have hope now of getting better. I could not live very well at all without her help. I was unable to walk,do daily activities,chores never got done,it was impossible to travel to see family–before coming for help to Tri-Massage Plus.

  23. Linda Brown permalink

    My ohhh MY! Just thinking about Linda’s healing massages relaxes me! It has been years since I had one, because I moved away from GR, but Linda is the standard by which I measure all massage therapists. NONE have even come close to her, and believe me, I have searched!!! Recently moved back & making an appointment with Linda is high on my to-do list!!!

  24. Robin Woods permalink

    Linda, thanks! My recent session with you was a fantastic experience! Dealing with CFS and arthritis for such a long time is a real drag physically and emotionally. But, after our session, I really felt so much relief from the pain and more energy. Thanks for giving so much of your time too! You are the best!
    Can’t wait for our next session…
    soon! Robin

  25. Angi Kortenhoven permalink

    I came to Linda for help in managing the chronic pain of fibromyalgia, which I’ve lived with for many years. She has been incredibly caring and understanding of my pain, offering wisdom and insight that has helped me regain control of my life. I also appreciate Linda’s sensitivity to diversity, especially with respect to cultural and religious heritages. She has helped me gain a greater understanding of what health and healing mean and how to pursue integrated, holistic living. Linda truly has the healing touch.

  26. As an active, middle age male, I often have ongoing muscle issues, ie. tightness, pulls, soreness and injuries. Linda has the knowledge and skill set to alleviate the symptoms and speed the healing process. I have been going to Linda for over ten years and highly recommend her Tri-Massage Plus health and wellness services.

  27. Gail Clover permalink

    I began body work therapy with Linda Lester shortly after she graduated massage school and continued with her for many years until I relocated from the area. Massage therapy is a very important part of my wellness program, and Linda was a catalyst to putting me on this very important path. I have had
    massages from numerous massage therapists through out the past 16 years and I can without hesitation state that Linda Lester is one of the very best in the field. Furthermore, I have also been fortunate to know Linda on a professional level within our similar work fields. Linda is an extremely dependable, caring and insightful person. I highly recommend her services.

  28. Athena Cronberg permalink

    I saw Linda for the first time a few weeks ago. As a matter of fact, that visit was my first professional massage ever. As a new client of Linda’s I felt extremely confident in her ability due to her many years of experience and her own personal concern for me as her client. I originally sought to have a massage in the hopes of simiply releasing some built up stress in my muscles and body; however, Linda spent time with me during the session to further understand some of my other medical background. She asked about my diabetes and a symptom that I have been having for over a year now. She offered positive insights about diet and excercise and personal care. And then came the hour of bliss! If I was nervous at all about having such a personal kind of contact with another person, Linda surely put my nerves at ease immediately. Her office environment was relaxing, calming, peaceful and serene. Her massage skills relaxed my body and I could almost feel the negative energy leave my body. At the end of the session I felt so relaxed I wondered if I should even drive my self home. I had a wonderful experience and plan to revisit her again soon. Please share in my confidence and know that Linda will take excellent care of you! Be well, Athena

  29. Mary Rider permalink

    When I chose to seek alternative therapy, my health was challenged by a serious immune disorder and I was taking medications to keep it in check. The doctors said it was likely that it could eventually be controlled with drugs, but it would remain a chronic condition. But, I wanted my life back and did not want to endure a lifetime of medication, to manage a health conditon.

    I began seeing Linda several years ago, with an intent to be free from this disease and effects of the medication treatment. Because of the type of illness I had, Reiki and Hypnotherapy were the only 2 choices available to me, at the time. I chose both. But, I was very nervous about the hypnotherapy, based on my limited knowledge of hypnosis. Linda provided a safe and transparent atmosphere, dispelling all my fears. She recorded the hypnotherapy sessions, and I found it very helpful to use the recordings at home. I am Now Medication Free and have no disease symptoms. I continue to make healthier choices in my life and my health continues to improve. I believe, my work with Linda has truly contributed to that improvement, and I have learned much as part of that therapeutic process.

    As a result, it was natural for me to seek Linda’s therapeutic assistance when my 87 year old mom fell and broke her pelvis last year. My family agreed that mom should move in with my husband and me for her recovery. Linda came to our home to provide her therapy: Massage, Reiki, and Hypnotherapy. On the day that her physician gave her permission to attempt to stand, (amazingly) she was up and starting to walk. Because of the multiple fractures- the speed and extent of her total recuperation was unexpected. Mom returned to her own home, is enjoying life and fully participating in all her normal activities and, does not have any residual pain from her injury. Mom really enjoyed the time with Linda and highly values the therapeutic assistance she provided during the recovery and healing process.

    I genuinely value Linda’s expertise and plan to continue my work with her.

  30. Linda Labeonte permalink

    It’s always a pleasure to come see Linda and receive a massage. I have had migraine headaches for a long time and a lot of stress areas in my neck and shoulders. Linda knows just how to release the stress and fix what hurts and gives me stretching exercises to combat tension in between sessions. Linda is a great therapist and the atmosphere is warm and very cozy.

  31. George Doyle permalink

    Yesterday I went for another massage treatment at Tri-Massage Plus. But receiving massage therapy treatments from Linda are never “just another massage treatment”. I always walk out feeling relaxed, calmer, more centered and with the gift of a new, more flexible body. I am grateful after every session, but with Thanksgiving Day tomorrow, I want to especially thank Linda for all she does to improve my life and the lives of many others!

  32. Kathy V. permalink

    I met Linda and began receiving massage therapy several years ago, when Linda was volunteering her services for a local clinic. I was diagnosed with lupus almost 30 years ago and have found great relief through the massage. When my health care coverage no longer allowed for me to continue with that particular clinic for ongoing health care, Linda made receiving treatments at her private office, affordable for my circumstances. My health has dramatically improved. I used to be sick much of the winter and had other chronic discomfort. I now, have long periods of good health and am able to manage my part time work schedule. I no longer am taking prednisone and, based on my physican’s recommendation, have recently been able to stop other drugs associated with lupus. Stress triggers lupus flare ups. Though, the amount of stressful situations in my life has not changed, my body seems to be able to manage it better.

    I am taking better care of myself and I know that the regular massage sessions with Linda are helping my healing process. I highly recommend Linda’s massage therapy services! It is a great, relaxing experience.
    The massage table is warm and comfy; there is soothing music and aromas (candles and oils). It is wonderful head to toe treatment!
    Thanks for everything, Linda!

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