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Massage Therapy – Healing Medicine

by linda on February 16th, 2015


‎” Blessed are the flexible,  

for they shall not be bent out of shape.”

~Author Unknown


On a physical level, Massage Therapy causes changes that slow your heart rate, reduce blood pressure and stress, enhance circulation and block the nervous system’s pain receptors. And now research suggests Therapeutic Massage can ease insomnia, boost immunity, prevent PMS, and much more…

“All of our surgery patients are offered the massage therapy, as a treatment — I call it ‘service with a smile’ — and it’s a mandatory weekly prescription I give myself,” says Mehmet C. Oz, M.D., director of the Cardiovascular Institute at New York Presbyterian Hospital–Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center and a member of the board at LLuminari, a health-education company. A good Massage Therapist can make you feel like a new person. Maybe that’s why most major hospitals are making it a standard therapy.

Massage releases both serotonin and endorphinsThe serotonin acts as a calming mediator for the body while the endorphins act as a happy stimulator for the brain. An adequate supply is needed in order to have a balance. Together they can bring pleasurable feelings and general elevated moods in both your Body and Mind. .

Research studies demonstrate that improved serotonin levels and dopamine levels can result in reduction of anxiety and depression. In particular, there is a brain region called the anterior cingulated cortex, or ACC for short, which fires up whether you are snubbed by other people or subjected to a physical pain.  

Physical pain and emotional pain share the same brain areas, according to researchers at UCLA. Increasing serotonin levels improves our ability to manage emotional challenges as well as cope with physical discomfort.

Serotonin, also shapes personality to make you susceptible to spiritual experiences. A team of Swedish researchers has found that the presence of a receptor that regulates general serotonin activity in the brain correlates with people’s capacity for transcendence, the ability to apprehend phenomena that cannot be explained objectively. Scientists have long suspected that serotonin influences spirituality because drugs known to alter serotonin such as LSD also induce mystical experiences. But now they have proof from brain scans linking the capacity for spirituality with a major biological element: Serotonin.

The concentration of serotonin receptors normally varies markedly among individuals. Those whose brain scans showed the most receptor activity proved on personality tests to have the strongest proclivity to spiritual acceptance. Reporting in the American Journal of Psychiatry, the researchers see the evidence of a biological underpinning for spirituality, and it is related to the neurotransmitter serotonin.

In any case, a positive ‘touch’ of serotonin is essential to our quality of life. And Massage Therapy is a proven method for enhancing our well being on many levels, including enhancing our serotonin level.

For further information outlining the benefits of Massage Therapy, please feel free to thoroughly explore Tri-Massage Plus website. Future blog postings will address newest research pertaining to the benefits of Massage Therapy and integrated massage approaches for mind, body and, spiritual well being.

Meanwhile: set aside some time for Therapeutic Massage.

Linda Hatch Lester, CMT
Tri-Massage Plus
Grand Rapids, MI


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    Great information on serotonin. Thanks so much Linda!

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